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Vitality Water System:
Financing Term and Monthly Payment Options
Term Amount / mo
  • 12 Months$740.57
  • 18 Months$517.74
  • 24 Months$406.87
  • 36 Months$297.08
  • 42 Months$243.25
  • 48 Months$231.04

Same-as-Cash option
Vitality Water Systems is pleased to offer three options for Same-as-Cash options for those who need a Whole Home Water System now but need a little time to organize your budget. We provide three time durations of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. So, if you want to buy your system and prefer to pay it in one payment and need a little time before you make that payment these are the options we offer. Should one of these options work for you please contact our Representative at the provided phone number to arrange one of these options for you.


For your convenience and quickest results please contact our representative at (281) 987-5960. The approval process is very quick typically 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

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