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Icon Water from your tap is laden with all forms of organic and inorganic chemicals and is energetically 'dead' from its long-enclosed journey from reservoir to you via steel, concrete, plastic and copper pipe. It is the job of your system to revive it to bring it back to life.

Icon The tap water is first filtered, then passes over electrodes which separate the water into two streams: one acid and one alkali. The electrolysis process structures the water into micro clusters which absorb into your body more efficiently than regular filtered or micro filtered water. Because water is essential in all metabolic activities, higher levels of hydration will give you more energy. Plus, and increase level of water consumption and absorption will help cleanse and

Icon Drinking alkaline water also neutralizes the acids created from metabolizing food, exercise and unhealthy lifestyles (IE sugar, coffee, pollution, drugs, stress). Higher levels of alkalinity in the body have been linked to reducing the effects of aging and prevention of disease. In many Asian countries, water alkalizes are prescribed as medical devices. Water that has gone through an ionizing process has high antioxidant (ORP) qualities. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of “free radicals” which can boost your immune system and reduce your risk of getting cancer or other diseases. Ionized water is the beverage of the New Millennium.


Ionization means to gain or lose an electron. Alkaline water is abundant in electrons (in the form of hydroxyl ions) and has many health benefits. Acid water is abundant in hydrogen ions and is beneficial for external use. Alkaline water is by far the most beneficial drinking water there is. It is extremely Hydrating, Alkalizing, and Detoxifying.

How is Ionized Water Created?

Ionized water is created by running water with minerals (well water or tap water) through a water ionizer.  There are positive and negative electrodes in the ionizer, which give the water a negative or positive charge.  The negatively and positively charged water is separated and the result is a powerful drinking water with a strong negative electrical charge, high (alkaline) pH, and smaller water clusters.  Ionized water is extremely hydrating, alkalizing and detoxifying.

  • Reduces and reverses scale buildup in appliances and pipes
  • Softer water requires less detergent and chemicals
  • Healthier water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  • Less residue in showers, toilets and sinks
  • Happier house plants and cut flowers
  • Less chlorine and pathogens
  • No slimy residue
  • Bag the salts!
  • Users worldwide affirm that they have better tasting water which becomes odor free and smells pleasanter after using VWS. The system generates de-gasification that quashes sulfur and chlorine odors which are either eradicated or diminished